Miguel Angel Gordillo is the first man who circumnavigated the earth over both poles in a homebuilt aircraft under 1750 kg.

In 2016 he covered 41,000 nm at extreme flight conditions over desert, jungle, mountains, ocean and ice. This earned him the world record of the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI).

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Miguel Angel Gordillo
Peter Schneider, Rita Schneider

A Record-Breaking Global Flight

Miguel Angel Gordillo
“After 2 circumnavigations of the world by 2001, I was haunted to fly into remote places and also over both poles in my home-built RV-8 with the tail number “EC XLL”. This beautiful book describes many of my ups and downs on these adventurous flights. With 152 pictures and 30 maps, it is a vivid documentation where I share my feelings and experiences.”

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